The Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Theo Nicole has denied being part of the $US800,000 gateway fraud.

Theo Nicole

He made this statement while testifying in court on 13 January, 2015 in the ongoing in the ongoing alleged corruption case of conspiracy to commit corruption before Justice Miatta Samba at High Court No.9.

The matter involves Mohamed Osman Sesay (1st accused) and Denis Jones (2nd accused) who are charged with 8 counts to commit corruption offences contrary to section 128 sub section 1 of the ACC Act and deceiving a principal contrary to section 48 of the said act.

Minister Nicole who was a witness recognized the accused person as someone he knew in late 2013 and that the accused person has been visiting his office.

He explained that he introduced himself as Mohamed Sesay and that he is representing a company that is interested in the gateway of the country and he wanted him (Deputy Minister) to get the top management of the company to see the President.

The minister intimated that he explained to him the procedures to see the president by seeing the chief protocol officer at State house who has the sole responsibility to set-up meetings for the president.

He said the accused person left his office after requesting for his contact card and has been meeting with the accused person but their conversation was based on the gateway process, which he told him to wait until the gateway is liberalize and NATCOM has the only responsibility to give gateway licenses.

The government Minister said he only saw the letter that was written by the Company (NETWORK PROXIMITY) when the Anti corruption commission took it into their office for verification.

Theo identified exhibit N1 to 4 as a letter and an unsigned document of memorandum of understanding with government letter head with the name Network proximity.

He also stated that the stamp and name on the letter spelled TEO NICOL is not his name but THEO NICOLE is the actual spelling of his name.

“The signature and the stamp is not from our ministry and the letter head is not use in our ministry” he maintained.

The deputy minister further stated that his role as a deputy minister is to deputize the minister of information and communication and he is part of the committee that makes decision for the ministry and supervise other staffs.