By Sorie Fofana

The sacking of Hon. Musa Tarawally as Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment came as a shock to many people. Before Monday’s announcement, many people had seen Hon. Musa Tarawally as President Ernest Bai Koroma’s blue-eyed boy.

Truth to be said, Hon. Musa Tarawally’s loyalty to President Koroma was, without a shred of doubt, cast-iron. The two of them were seen as inseparable.

But, of course, Hon. Musa Tarawally had no faith in the APC party. His loyalty to President Koroma was unwavering. He always served the master, to the best of his ability.

Nobody knows why, that strong bond between President Koroma and his golden boy deteriorated to the point of the President taking the harsh and unprecedented decision of not only sacking his pet boy, but also setting up a committee to investigate his stewardship in the Ministry of Lands.

Of late, Hon. Musa Tarawally had developed cold feet towards APC party activities. Eventhough he holds an important position in the ruling party (National Organizing Secretary), Hon. Musa Tarawally was hardly visible during APC party activities.

He may have had genuine reasons to believe that, the party does not like him. The only man that loves him was (and still is) the man at the helm of affairs. That was a sad mistake!

President Koroma is not the Proprietor of the APC party. He is merely the party’s Chairman and Leader. Period!

The party’s politburo is full of grey-haired party loyalists, who, behind the scene, can easily arm twist their leader to always listen to the party’s views on governance.

All said and done, Hon. Musa Tarawally, should calm down and accept the fact that, there can never be two Presidents of a country at any given time. President Koroma has shown that, the buck stops at his desk.

Hon. Musa Tarawally is a grown up and common sense Politician. He knows that his days in the APC are numbered. Will he stay in the APC and fight to get out of his current quagmire? Or will he join his former party (the SLPP) to kick the APC out of office in 2018?

All these questions can only be answered when the storm is over. For now, our brother, Hon. Musa Tarawally should maintain his usual quiet demeanour and leave the rest to God.

The sacking of Hon. Musa Tarawally should serve as a lesson for other Politicians: never leave certainty for uncertainty!

This can certainly not be a Merry Christmas for the Right Honourable Musa Tarawally of Moyamba District.