The Scribe of the National Olympic Committee of Sierra Leone, Joseph Nyande has assured that the relationship between the National Olympic Committee (NOC) and the National Sports Council is cordial.

Joseph Nyande

He made this statement during the National Olympic General Assembly held recently. The NOC scribe went further to state that they will continue to strive to maintain this relationship, adding that the appointment of Ahmed Khanou as the new Minister of Sports has added more impetus to this relationship.

He described Ahmed Khanou as “a sport-loving man” pointing out that because of his passion and enthusiasm for sport the new Minister is sure to maintain the good working relationship between the Sports Council and the National Olympic Committee.

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The NOC, he assured, will continue to work with the Ministry of Sports for the development of athletics and sports in the country.

In another development the NOC scribe also revealed to the Olympic Family that the Library project at NOC is doing well. He said they have brought in new books acquired from the Human Kinetics Department of the Olympic Solidarity.

He disclosed that the books in the NOC library vary from sports, sports medicine, education and a mixed bag of other disciplines and appealed to associations to come to the NOC and utilize the facility.