The Reckless Driving of Government Drivers and the Nonchalant Behaviors of the Ministers they Drive.

By Foday Morris

Many accidents happen, when reckless drivers drive at neck-breaking speeds, ignoring speed limits and road safety laws because their bosses (mostly ministers) are rushing to go somewhere. Such reckless driving has caused many accidents that have left our fellow citizens dead or seriously injured. And all this happens, in our tiny country where insurance companies are reluctant to pay claims even when lives are lost.

This morning, at about 10:20 AM, I was walking with a Senior Civil Servant the back entrance of the Youiyi Building, where Government Ministers usually park their vehicles. From the Third Floor, we walked down the stairs through the back exit with the single elevator (lift).

We were walking to the Miatta Conference Center, where preparations were underway for the laying out ceremony of late Dr. Vincent Kanu. walked past several vehicles parked on both sides of the small road.

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As we approached the point where we would have turned right and walk straight to the conference center, a speeding minister?s vehicle approached us.

I was quick to notice that the vehicle was not slowing down to negotiate what appeared to be a blind curve because several vehicles were parked on both sides of the road. As the fast approaching vehicle got closer, I screamed at my friend who had not noticed what was happening. He jumped out of the way to safety.

With the same speed, the vehicle negotiated the turn without stopping, and I was stuck between a parked vehicle and the moving minister?s vehicle. I pulled myself as much as I can as leaned on the parked vehicle. However, the driver of the minister?s vehicle did not stop even as I had no more room to maneuver.

If you were to describe me using the analogy of a pancake versus a doughnut, you will describe me more accurately as a doughnut than a pancake. Do not attempt to refer to me as fat or obese ? say I am a big guy who attempted to flatten himself as a pancake to save his life.

By the time the vehicle drove past me, the back tire of the said vehicle rode on the tip of my left shoe almost crushing my toes. I can still feel the soreness on my toes after I left the Miatta Conference Center unable to wait for the laying out ceremony due to the pain I was feeling on my toes. Even after I came to my office and took my shoes off, I am still feeling the pain.

Immediately after my ordeal, I managed to walk to the parked minister?s vehicle to find out whether he (the minister) was in the vehicle, or whether it was just a reckless driver driving a minister?s vehicle so dangerously toward a blind curve.

As I got closer to the vehicle, the minister stepped out of the vehicle. I seized the opportunity to engage him and ask in a polite manner why his driver was driving like that. I informed him that the vehicle had run over my foot. Instead of apologizing on his driver?s behalf or even ask me if I was badly hurt, he proceeded to make excuses.

The minister blamed the Youyi Building Security personnel by claiming that they are responsible for what happened, because according to him, ?they allow vehicles to park badly.? At that point, I became very angry but walked away without saying one more word.

It is ministers like this one who bring disrepute to the Government of President Koroma. As soon as they are appointed to serve in any capacity, they become too pompous, totally forgetting they should be servants of the Citizens of this Nation.

Stay logged and find out the name of the Deputy Minister and his Ministry?

Authors Note:

There will most likely be a Part 2 of this article where, I will name the deputy minister I refer to above. The publication of Part 2 depends on whether the said minister apologizes to my colleague and myself for his driver?s behavior, for riding on my foot and for aiding and abetting reckless and unsafe driving habits.