Former Head of State of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Rtd. Brig. Maada Bio has condemned the recent alliance formed by presidential aspirants of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).


Bio said this in his interview on African Young Voices (AYV) TV where He also said that the people of Sierra Leone do not deserve “More Time”.

Speaking during an interview on Tuesday, 19th January 2016, on the topical issue of “more time”, Rtd. Brig. Bio stated that for any group of people to think or encourage the idea of “more time” is both cynical and a recipe for chaos.

“I want to admonish everybody that it is great to have your friends or family members in power but the constitution must be respected. The constitution is very clear on the terms of the President and we must respect the rule of law”, Rtd. Brig. Bio admonished.

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However, the Rtd. Brig. Bio also stated that he has not heard the President speak about more time and that the last time he only heard the President say that this was his last and final term. Therefore, he advised that the people of the country deserve a peaceful transition because too many people are suffering.

Rtd. Brig. Bio also stated that we should follow the good example of the late President Kabbah who only ruled for the two term limits provided for in the constitution. Also making a reference to his tenure as Head of State, he asked a rhetorical question “Are you saying I should not have handed over just to stay in power?”. Rtd. Brig. Bio proudly stated that he had a time limit when he took over power and promised to conduct elections which he fulfilled and then handed over power peacefully.

This is not the first time Rtd. Brig. Bio has condemned “more time” and admonished “more time campaigners” by always stressing the need for everyone to respect the constitution which is the supreme law of the land.

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During the interview Rtd. Brig. Bio also touched on the recent confirmed Ebola case and stated that we should all be concerned but encouraged the Government to address the situation as quickly as possible. He also condemned the creation of an “association of flagbearer aspirants” formed by certain SLPP flagbearer aspirants solely to gang up against him. However, Rtd. Brig. Bio stated that he regarded other flagbearer aspirants not as “enemies” but as colleagues contesting for the flagbearership of the party.

Rtd. Brig. Bio ended his inspiring interview by setting out his three top priority areas for governance if he is elected to serve the people of Sierra Leone which are Education, Health and Agriculture. Many of the text messages by viewers praised Rtd. Brig. Bio for his astute leadership and described him as the next president of the Republic of Sierra Leone.