By Berns Koma Lebbie

The signs are clear that HW Mayor Saa Emerson Lamina, the Peoples’ Leader; will defeat Octea Mining Ltd. in court, and so Diana Konomanyi and Chief Paul Saquee have vouched that this ‘Hero’ will never be in charge of the money on the hook.

The same vendetta, persecution, hate, Political bulldozing or/and political witch-hunt is still alive and well. It brought down VP Sam Sumana, now extended to the Koidu City mayor; HW Saa Emerson Lamina.

News making the round that Diana Konomanyi is single handedly about bringing down the Koidu City Mayor is truth, and no one should be surprised. It is the accomplishing state of her vow—-bringing down all other stars so that only her can be seen. “I can give back Kono to APC, no matter what. My people can easily by turned around, and taken for a ride”; she probably said.

Diana Konomanyi-Saa-Lamina

The allegation is pretexted on corruption, but I can assure all and sundry, and even the enemy knows that the attack is not on Koidu City Administration, headed by the Chief Administrator, rather it is snipped at the humble Mayor, the political leader of the council.

Diana came a week ago and incited unscrupulous and misguided youth– hooligans; against this gentleman. The plan is to eliminate him from all surfaces— both from leadership surface to existence.

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The project to smear Mayor is an ongoing project. That his in fact why the council has changed Chief Administrators (CAs) far more than any other council. Those CAs were programmed and planted on him, and because they couldn’t succeed, most were retired while other with strong counter- political backing were thrown to other councils. Equally for Finance Officers (FOs).

Mayor Lamina ‘s council has received and exchanged FOs far more than all other councils. Even where the Local Govt. Acts specifies that an administrative staff should take a minimum of three years in one station before to be transfered, yet in just the same three years (2013 to DWT); the Koidu City Council has received and passed on five CAs …..(namely CPJ Kallon, Rapid, Alhaji Alhaji, Konkoro and now Musa); and three FOs. These senior staff, well experienced; have all not found any way to implicate the Mayor, and sadly most met their administrative demise when they failed in their missions.

Saa Emerson Lamina - Mayor Of Koidu

Now comes this project at hand. Though we’ve not seen the letter in question, however; since we’re here in Kono and close to issues, the writing is clear that BECAUSE SIGNS ARE BOLD ON THE WALL THAT THE MAYOR WILL WIN THE TAX EVASION CASE AGAINST OCTEA, HIS REWARD IS ‘NEVER TO TOUCH THE MONEY”

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Octea seats in the hearts of Diana Konomanyi and Chief Paul Saquee. That is because, it is the company that had financed most of their demeaning projects against the VP in Kono. By standing against them, or asking them to pay tax is an additional burden which the ‘greedy two’ think the company cannot bear.

That, upon all efforts to stop him, this ‘small man’ is wise enough to seek legal redress and possibly win. This is too much to bear, and the devils have vouched to pay him back….’you nor go touch daa money dae.’

Diana Konomanyi

Now my call is for all to rise and stand against evil. This is the final test, and these evildoers have gone that far. We cannot afford to sit by and make them feel they are the only thoroughbreds of this land….na ya so we all born en we all get same right.

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I can rest a sure you all that among the nineteen councils, Koidu City Council is the most transparent. The council has received an endless auditing teams from central government, and last it was the Deputy Permanent Secretary who was scrolled to join the auditing team; even when it is not his job. The ‘minister’ wants the mayor and everyone was to find that way.

Ladies and gentleman, permit me to end this piece by putting the ‘sword’ up that, if indeed for any reason the Koidu City Council is found guilty, and that the then CSa plus FOs are brought in, fairly questioned and reprimanded, I Berns Komba Lebbie bear no ill-will against anyone calling on the Mayor, but until those other then officials are linked with this doctored audit, I still hold to my grounds that, it is the same vendetta, hate, malice and political witch hunt that is stretching to this gentle innocent man, and we the Kono youth are standing against it!