Amidst the call from some unscrupulous Sierra Leoneans that they want the President to go for an additional unlawful and unconstitutional time, the President has told the European Union Delegation that the Presidential and Parliamentary elections will go as plan in 2018.


The President made this clear on Monday 15 February 2016 to a high powered delegation of European Union at State House led by Peter Versteege.

These people have now been shamed and Sierra Leoneans have dubbed them as enemies of Sierra Leone for parading with something that is unlawful to satisfy their unmitigated selfishness and rapacity. Maybe we shoukd take a look at some of these reprobates.

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LEONARD BALOGUN KOROMA: the whole idea of the President to perpetuate himself in office started by Leonard Balogun Koroma, who was the Campaign Coordinator of the ruling in Party in the 2012 elections. Balogun Koroma commonly referred to as Logus was made Minister of Transport and Aviation when he started the “ After U Na U” campaign way before the Ebola.

His ranting was killed by the then opposition Publicity Secretary, Musa Tamba Sam.

Hon. Robin Falla:  Deputy Publicity Secretary of the Ruling Party was also moving with the third term/ more time agenda for the President before the Ebola and he like Logus Koroma was made Chairman of the Board of Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO).

BAI MAMOUD BANGURA – The recent called for the President to go for an unconstitutional time or term was made by Bai Mamoud Bangura, the ruling APC’s Youth President who is also the Presidential Youth Aide reemerged with the idea of unconstitutional term for the President after the APC Youth League Convention in Makeni.

Bai Mamoud was unable to tell the people of Sierra Leone the reason to give the President more time and as such faced stiff resistance from the people.

COLABO – The musician Colabo who is the President of the All Stars in Sierra Leone said that they are calling for the President for reasons as flimsy as the President is still young, that Sierra Leone will never see his kind and he has helped the drowning music industry.

This call from the President of some musicians brought division in the music industry as he was criticized by some member of the industry.

DEDE ABU – Dede Abu like Colabo is the President of the dead Cassette Sellers Association.

He also gave the same weak reasons for President Koroma to continue in office beyond the constitutional term.

ALPHOSNSO MANLEY – Alphonso Manley’s portfolio Civil Right Coalition was also very strong in calling for more time for the President.

Even after the Vice President cautioned them that the President is not interested in more time, Alphonso Manley and others lampooned the Vice President for that.

ALHAJI MOHAMED WARISAY – Another Civil Society Group that called for more time is Warisay’s Democracy SALONE who said that the whole system in Sierra Leone needed more time and that it is not just the Presidency.