Terror-D - Osh Yah

Osh Ya is current running the streets of Freetown.

Sierraloaded honestly doesn’t know what happened why Terror-D is coming after the two heavyweights with guns blazing, figuratively speaking.

In case you don’t understand, Terror-D‘s latest rendition “Osh Ya” is a diss track against legendary rappers Kao Denero and LAJ.

Terror-D who declined to state the real issue to Sierraloaded seems to be taking a revenge on rappers who are crossing their borders. In his words I’m a very cool artist and I’ve always been on my own doing my own thing but if someone crosses the line, this is hip hop I’ve no option but to hit back, I’ve been in this game for quite a long time, over how many years? I’ve never done a joint song for anyone, I thought it fit that guys have cross their line that the main reason why I do this particular song”

Terror-D further went to state that it is a personal issue in which he will vent out later.

Get Your listening ears here and press play to “Osh Ya”

What are your thoughts?