He has been working extremely hard to elevate Sierra Leone to another level. He has won different awards both national and international. He has shown us that he is capable of flying Salone music higher. His fans called him King Terror.

Terror D is presently in Nigeria for a video shoot with Bracket and for a collaboration with Solidstar. He has also shot the video for the unreleased song with Solidstar.

After a successful shooting and interaction with the Nigeria super stars, Terror D is set to invite Bracket and Solidstar to witness his album launching. He asked for suggestions from his fans to give their opinion about it and also the selection of the venue.

He posted this exactly on his Facebook page…

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“How many of you out there would like the idea of me bringing BRACKET and SOLIDSTAR to sierra leone as my special guest artists on my official album launch in December this year or April 2018?!! Please drop ur comment below on the comment box and please do not forget to suggest the venue you will prefer for me and my team to host these great event at!!”

Terror D has done successful shows in Sierra Leone with full capacity. Most of his fans selected National Stadium as the place for the launching of his album. The date for the launching of the album is unknown but it is expected to be launched in December 2017 or Early 2018.

Success all the way to our very best Terror D.