Report from Kailahun district states that supporters of the National Chairman and Leader of the SLPP, Dr. Prince Alex Harding on Friday 25 January 2019 attacked and stabbed supporter of the Minister of Information Mohamed Rado Swarray at the Kailahun football field.

The whole incident happened after Prince Harding’s supporters were schooled that Rado Swaray’s brother at SLPA is responsible for them not to get jobs at the Quay.

Immediately the youths saw Rado’s men, they started using abusive languages against them which resulted to a fight and the subsequent stabbing of the man.

Sources inside SLPP say, Prince Harding see Rado as undermining him at NATCOM since his appointment to the Commission.

The beefing between the two senior SLPP officials came in the wake of report that Radio Swarray is supporting one Yongai, who has been earmark to replace Prince Harding as SLPP Chairman in the next party convention slayed for November this year.

Meanwhile President Bio who on his thank you tour to Kailahun has ordered his security details to disband all the private security details of Prince Harding who are always wearing black to avoid further tension.

One of Prince Harding’s private security was arrested by the police while the guy who was stabbed was rushed to the hospital for medical attention.