Tambakha Chiefdom is one of Sierra Leone’s largest chiefdoms with over two hundred and thirty-four (234) villages that host two of the country’s National Parks, Outamba and Kilimi situated in Bombali district embedded along Little and Great Scarcies bordering Guinea via Sanya, approximately thirty-two miles from Kabbah Ferry.

Classroom Sierra Leone

Education in that part of the country is nothing to write home about since the country’s independence to date. Government, in its quest to build a world of civilization in that part of the country, had approved ‘only’ two Primary schools and one Junior Secondary Schools in the entire Tambakha chiefdom. The chiefdom has over forty-two (42) schools including more than thirty-four community schools, three Secondary, three Primary and two pre-schools.

It could be recalled that in an exclusive interview with the Paramount Chief of Tambakha Chiefdom, PC Kandeh Sorie Kakandoh III about the allocation of the said portion of land to government for the establishment of a National Park, he said as part of the alternative requests made by his late father in 1977 to President Stevens was the establishment of schools, roads and the preservation of the National Park for touristic visits.

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He added that since that agreement was signed to date, government has absolutely ignored the construction of schools nor the approval of some of their community schools which, according to him, got worst when there are only three approved teachers on government pay roll.

Amadu Kamara is a native of Tambakha Chiefdom. He told Awoko Newspaper that their chiefdom is the most deprived in terms of education, pointing out that stakeholders have been doing their bits to boost education in that part of the country with the establishment of community schools.

He said those schools are run by their brothers and sisters most of whom are not trained and qualified teachers who cannot sit aback and watch their children go astray.

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The Chiefdom Speaker, Ibrahim Deen Yansaneh described standard of education in their chiefdom as ‘very low’ with one government approved Junior secondary and two primary schools. He said they have five approved teachers in the chiefdom which, according to him, cannot in anyway create any changes in the education sector for their chiefdom.

The Chiefdom Speaker said if it were not for the intervention of Street Child in the area of establishing more community schools, training of community teachers and also paying them monthly salaries which have helped in improving the educational status in that part of the country, most of their children especially the girls would have gone out of school. He pleaded with government and other Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) to come to their aid.