Information from Port Loko intimates that the Humpty Dumpty social welfare minister had another great fall in the hall on Saturday, Moikulay writes.

Sylvia Blyden In Britain

Bylden’s attempt to present the civil service in bad light was booed at. But being insensitive to people’s reactions, she took it as an applause. This ranting, and the divisive message Blyden was trying to put across reportedly enraged Alpha Khan, one of the presidential advisers that she was refused mic the second time.

Blyden said the civil service is SLPP and they never voted for the APC and Ernest Koroma. Since she had no proof, Alpha Khan saw her falsity as an embarrassment.

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She also got a great fall when the head of civil service told the audience that under the APC, the civil service is being manipulated by her likes as ministers and top party vons.

Mr. Surur was very plain to announce the coming Humpty Dumpty fall of the slave driver when he said “any minister who comes to manipulate or disagree to respect the civil service is bound to fail.”

So Sylvia Blyden is a failed politician that got the great fall even before properly entering into politics. According to the source, Sylvia is the most hated minister in the cabinet.

“She is clearly an embarrassment to the presidency,” source close to the presidential advisory told me last night.

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According to information, Blyden will have to be hence forth coming under intense taunting as was done to her at State House until she resigns from the job again. The first step has already gone through with her humiliation by the HRMO.

Considered a misfit within the ranks of the APC, party stalwarts have braced up to ensure that Sylvia gets the second great fall of a Humpty Dumpty.