The Brother of His Excellency the President has commented on the controversial racist element in the laws of Sierra Leone which states that to be a citizen of Sierra Leone, the great grand parent of the person must be of a “Negro” decent.

Sylvanus Koroma

Sylvanus Koroma commonly called ‘What A Man’ was on public radio where he called on Sierra Leoneans to join him in his campaign against the recommendation of the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) that the “Negro” element in the constitution of Sierra Leone should be obliterated because it is discriminatory.

Koroma’s brother explained that the negro decent in the laws of Sierra Leone is what defines them as Sierra Leoneans and that he does not want Sierra Leone to end up like what is happening in Sudan.

He said that there are ways people could become citizens which by naturalization and they will be allowed to vote but not to be voted for.

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He said that they submitted their position paper to the CRC on this and that before they made their submission, he engaged Justice Cowan who is the Chairman of the committee on the matter and Justice Cowan encouraged them to come with their position paper because that is the view of many Sierra Leone

When asked if this has anything to do with his brother, President Koroma, Sylvanus Koroma responded, “My Brother is My Bro and I am proud of that because we Brothers by divine providence but my view is my view. I did not even discuss with him on this”

Sylvanus Koroma even questioned the integrity of the Committee by calling on journalists to investigate members of the committee.

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Political Analysts believe that the President’s Brother was ill-advised to make public his view about the contentious racist element in the laws of Sierra Leone and that whatever he may have said on the issue will be seen as coming from the President.

When President Koroma was asked about the issue in a Press Conference at State House a month ago , he said that he will not comment on the matter because whatever he said will be seen as influencing the committee.

It could be recalled that members of the ruling party and people that are close to the corridors of power have criticized most of the recommendations made by the CRC.