After 19 days in quarantine, from 14th January to 2nd February 2016, out of a total of 47 quarantined people suspected to have contacted the late Marie Jalloh in Magburaka, nine people have so far been released from quarantine from Sunday 31st to yesterday Tuesday 2nd.


It could be recalled that on Thursday 14th January 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) through the Tonkolili District Health Management Team (DHMT) broke the news over a new Ebola outbreak in Magburaka after a 22 year Marie Jalloh who died from long illness and swab result after two days after her death indicated that she died of Ebola.

This news was not well received especially by youths, women, Civil Society, stakeholders in Tonkolili and the country in general, more so when West Africa was declared Ebola free. This sparked off tension among youths in Magburaka, resulting in peaceful demonstration that saw the burning of the Paramount Chief’s hut at Mabom Street.

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In an exclusive interview with the District Security Coordinator for Ebola Response in the Office of National Security (ONS) in Tonkolili, Harold Campbell told Awoko Newspaper that a total of nine persons were released from quarantine since Sunday and five more later released. On Monday they released three and today Tuesday they will release one more, totalling nine.

Mr. Campbell said after the case of the 32 year old woman who was believed to have participated in the washing of late Marie was taking to 34 Hospital in Freetown when she showed some signs, no other case had shown up again. He went on to say that the bulk of the remaining 33 people under quarantine will be released tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd February whilst the last four are expected to be released on Thursday, 11th February.

Madam Fatmata Sandi is the mother of late Marie Jalloh. She told Awoko Newspaper that since they were quarantined they remain in good health, including her five year old granddaughter, stating that they were informed by staff of WHO that they will be released by Thursday 11th. She went on to state that despite people are telling them that they might likely be released before the said date because, according to her, their stay in quarantine home is of no used and need.

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The Herbalist, Sheka Kargbo from Magbesseh village said he was of the view that the lady did not die of Ebola because, according to him, whosoever touch an Ebola patient will show signs in less than four days. He recalled sometimes back when the fight against Ebola was serious, locals from other villages that attended funerals of ebola victims died in less than five days.

The Herbalist appealed to the Government to set up a monitoring body to cross check information about Ebola in the country, pointing out that most people suffered during the scourge as a result of false information. He said if it has not been for the intervention of stakeholders and youth in their district most of them will have been dead by now.