There is currently one suspected Ebola death in Gendema, Unconfirmed reports says.

Ebola Victim

According to report, the victim was in a vehicle when they crossed the borderline from Liberia to Sierra Leone.

Two vehicles are currently leaving from the DHMT Pujehun to Gendema last night. One vehicle to collect the swab and the other for burial.

The buddy has been taken to the Liberia side and swab taken, result is expected within 24 hours from Liberia.

Occupants of the vehicle are currently quarantined at Bo Waterside (Liberia side of the boundary). Again the boundary remained closed

The two government senior security officers around the boundary are in a meeting to resolve the matter. No details from inside the meeting  while border remained chained on the Liberia side

No health worker of Sierra Leone tampered with that corpse, as it was in the vehicle so it remained inside and all its occupants and convey back to Liberia.