A group of apparently aggrieved supporters of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) have branded the party as the most ungrateful political party in Sierra Leone.


Sierraloaded gathered from the dissentient supporters that the party has the bad habit of disappointing and molesting stalwarts that have worked assiduously to promote the party.

They cited the instance of Alie Essa Bangura who risked his life for the party during the interregnum of the Armed

Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) when Alie, using the pseudo-name, Abdul Akim Sesay, braved the notoriously ruthless junta in championing the cause of democracy and the reinstatement of the party using the Radio Democracy. They recalled that Alie Bangura even lost a family member in the process; this is the man the SLPP has expelled.

They also cited the case of Banja Tejan Sie who has made great sacrifice for the party, recalling that during the AFRC impasse, Tejan Sie did a single-man march for the restoration of democracy and the SLPP and was arrested, beaten, tortured and detained for 21 days.

They furthered that he has served a long time as Secretary-General of the party despite the series of embarrassments he has been undergoing.

‘The best reward the party can give Tejan Sie is to suspend him,” they said.

They also cited the example of Kolleh Dumbuya who defied his family for the party and was rewarded with summary expulsion.

They also made reference to Mr. Francis Lisa Hindowa who was serving diligently as Southern Regional Secretary and has been compensated with suspension.

The Deputy Chairman of the SLPP, in an interview over Radio Democracy, explained the suspensions and expulsion were based on rules and regulations governing the party and not borne out of malice or any special interest.