Sierra Leonean singer, Suga Lulu has signed a global recording contract with notable record label Hejenah Entertainment, Sierraloaded has gathered.

Suga Lulu-Sierraloaded

The signing which is said to have taken place in Houston will keep the female singer in contract for 5 years.

Hejenah Entertainment is home to a diverse and unparalleled family of artists such as ABizzy, Rahim de Wezard and award winning producer, Nashito Kulala.

The company also promotes, showcases and produces songs internationally.

Suga Lulu, whose real name is Anita Sabra debuted in the Sierra Leonean music scene long time ago and is ranked as one of the most prominent female acts in Sierra Leone.

She recently launched her new album “Elevate” (released August 29th) with the hit single “Take over me”. Many might dub it her comeback album but the singer has been working tirelessly for the past two years to reinvent her brand.

Speaking on her signing to Hejenah Entertainment, Lulu says, “After self-releasing my albums for the past several years I’ve found a “family” which has become my prefect fit. They understand me professionally, personally and most importantly creatively.”