The Registrar of the Njala University College, Aly Turay, has informed the press that eleven students have been rusticated from the college for one year for gross indiscipline and insubordination, while four students have been expelled for exam malpractices.

Aly Turay relayed the information during a press conference at the Bo Campus Auditorium on 9th September, 2016.

He recalled that during the First Semester of the 2014-2015 academic, a group of apparently indisciplined students rioted on the Bo Campus and almost set it ablaze but for the timely intervention of the Police continuing that the riot sparked off when students who did not pay their fees were not allowed to take exams.

After the riot, he went on, the University Investigative Committee spent much time and money to investigate the violence but that, sadly, many of the accused students who were summoned by the committee to answer questions refused to turn up, an act which he described as blatant insubordination.

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The eleven rusticated students, he said, were those found guilty of perpetrating and inciting the violence.

The Registrar also told the press that the administration is investigating over eighty cases of exam malpractices and that four students have been expelled for examination fraud.

In his keynote address, the Vice Chancellor and Principal of NUC, Professor Ernest Robert Ndomahina, raised grave concern over the gross indiscipline displayed nowadays by some students, a behavior which, he stressed, the administration will never tolerate.

He emphasized that it is a grave offence for any student to refuse the call of the university administration as was done by many of the accused students summoned by the investigative committee.

The Principal recalled that after the riot, it was agreed that the students be allowed to take their exams and pay later but that since then, 728 students have not paid their fees amounting to 1.6 Billion Leones.

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He pointed out that the college no longer gets subvention from government, but only fees subsidies and that the college only relies on the government fees subsidies and the fees paid by students, a situation which, he said, has been severely constraining the administration.
Professor Ndomahina told journalists that the university spends 43 million Leones per week to provide electricity alone as the only generator has broken down.

He pointed out that the college is no longer prepared to cope with student violence and exam malpractices as they want to be producing quality graduates lamenting over the fact that many employers have been rejecting university graduates due to poor performance.