Majority and Leader of Government Business in the House of Sierra Leone Parliament who also doubles as Chairman Committee on Appointments and the Public Service, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu has in an interview with this press said that all the concerns submitted to the Committee by members of the public on the presidential nominees will be critically evaluated.

Sylvia Blyden-Sierraloaded

He used the opportunity to appeal to the public to be patient and that they will be notified accordingly as to when the interview will commence.

He however confirmed that they have indeed received queries and reactions from the public concerning the presidential nominees and added that: “of course we always receive queries from members of the public; some positive some negative, we look at the merits and demerits. When the nominees come we will put it to them.”

Hon. strongly rebuffed concerns put forward by this press that it is the view of many people that Parliament will not dare to disapprove presidential nominees.

“It is a perception to say that Parliament will not disapprove nominees from the President, it is not a fact. We have disapproved people here before, all of you know that but you don’t keep record.

That perception is a wrong one,” Hon. Bundu refuted adding that; “ we have been doing proper scrutiny on presidential nominees, saying some of the nominees are not fit is not enough, give us the details, don’t just use the words not fit.

With regards to some of the names that they say are not fit, we will sit as a Committee and look at all fit and unfitness and see how we can come up with our own justification.”

The Majority Leader also disclosed that one of the reasons for the schedule and rescheduling of the hearing was as a result the fact that Parliament needed more time for the nominees and members of the Committee to properly read and scrutinize the information being provided to them, noting that the death of Hon. Patrick Foyah of Constituency 001 Kailahun District could be another reason.

However, the Majority Leader explained that the huge public and media interest in the work of Parliament is a good thing for the democratic good governance dispensation.

Hon. Bundu said: “Sometime ago people didn’t care about what other institutions were doing, but now we are seeing that when something is happening in Parliament, people are coming which we have been calling for.

Public participation will enhance our work, we are here to work for the nationals of this country, who voted us in but we cannot do the work alone.

In case of appointment, it is a public appointment so members of the public are also encouraged to participate.

When you participate you tell us what your feelings are about the nominees and what your advice and comments are, we take them in good fate, it will enhance and enrich the interview we always do.”

The Majority Leader however reiterated that this is the reason why in every interview that they do, the Nominees are told that they are here to be interviewed based on all the information that they provided as biography and interview is also based on what they have received from members of the public.

Hon. Ibrahim Bundu underscored that he is not oblivious of the fact that the public is very anxious but however appealed to the public for patience for the probing to be done rigorously as expected.

He said: “situation dictate the pace in which we are going to do this. Remember it was just a week that the nominees where appointed, even the nominees have a lot of time to go and put their papers together and things to provide to the Committee.

We the Committee members also have to read all the queries carefully; all the inputs to enrich the question time which is going to be public.

I don’t know why the anxiety, the public is here at all interviews but may be you have special interest on the personalities, you are all welcome.”

He however ended that due to the death of Hon. Patrick Foyah are bereaved and are according the due respect by putting on hold every interview. “The public will be informed accordingly as soon as things get arranged for the interviews of the presidential Nominees,” Hon. Ibrahim Bundu assures.