Minister of Political and Public Affairs, Madam Nannette Thomas has on a face-to-face engagement with paramount chiefs warned them to diciest from marrying underage girls and allow them their right to be educated in school.

Nannette Thomas

The no-nonsense woman minister issued this warning whilst serving as Guest Speaker at the Consumer Parliament forum organized by the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) in Koidu city, Kono district on 7th May, 2016. The event was well attended by paramount chiefs drawn from all four corners of the country.

She said children are the future of this country and that they must be catered for, care for and protected by all possible means. Marrying them at such a tender age will greatly affect the development of Sierra Leone.

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“No country can develop without a well catered for, mannered and educated future leaders. Our children are our future leaders, let’s bring them up well, educate them well, cater for them and show them the right way so that Sierra Leone will get a brighter future”. Minister Nanette Appealed.

Furthermore in her keynote address, Minister Thomas thanked NATCOM for such an opportunity to speak in the forum and urged the Commission to continue its good work in regulating the operations of telecommunications companies.

She stressed that whatever that affects the citizens of this country affects her ministry which is charged with the affairs of the public satisfaction.

She therefore, called on NATCOM to ensure proper service delivery from the different telecommunications companies operating in the country.

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Responding to the sweet appeal from the minister on behalf of his colleague paramount chiefs, Paramount Chief Bundor thanked the minister for his clarion call to chiefs. He assured the minister that it was time (the dark old age) that chiefs were seen marrying underage girls. He described this as being “an old ugly habit” said to be in practice years back that nowadays chiefs have corrected it.

He said young girls are now allowed to be educated at their will, adding that chiefs now frowns at early marriage and that they will continue to protect young girls in their chiefdoms.

In a related development, the fine woman minister also engaged a cross section of the APC Youth Executive in Koidu and encouraged them to continue their relentless efforts in promoting the Party and its affairs. She advised the Youth to be law abiding and promised to cooperate with them whenever there is need.