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The Public is hereby informed that the 2015 Population Census High Command has relieved the Kailahun District Census Officer, Mr. Andrew B. Musa from his duties with immediate effect.

Mr. Musa was found wanting in violation of several management policies including the recruitment of enumerators that do not hail from some chiefdoms within the Kailahun District.

A prompt move by Statistics Sierra Leone to replace these enumerators with a new set of trained enumerators who are indigenes of the affected chiefdoms prevented resistance from the local authorities.

He has also failed to pay some enumerators in the district despite being provided the resources to do so.

Mr. Musa also ignored warnings to relocate to Kailahun town where the District Census Office is hosted but preferred using his official vehicle to travel to and from Daru on a daily basis. There is evidence of him converting the said vehicle to his personal use, thereby causing serious operational setbacks for other members of the census team in the district.

Generally, the enumeration exercise in most parts of the country has impressively progressed. Additional enumerators have been deployed in the Western Area to address the challenge of completing enumeration in some parts of Freetown by the 18th December 2015.

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