Without doubt, there are high indications that the 2015 National census in Sierra Leone is already a failed project.

Statistic Sierra Leone

Just 2days ago, Sierraloaded publish a story revealing the type of food Statics Sierra Leone gave trainers who participated in the training for the 2015 census.

In latest development, Our sources has revealed that the training allowance which was supposed to be given to all trainers who are participating in the census is nothing to talk about.

“Is as if we the elders one are not serious of the future of mama sierra leone taking note of what happened to the eumerators for the up coming census. Trained without training allowance, which has never happened, only statistic started it. This shows that the programme has already collapse.” a concerned citizen who wrote to Sierraloaded said.

According to a victim of the abnormality, The allowance is Le20,000 per day for 7 days. A Sum total is Le140,000 is supposed to be given to each trainer at the end of the training. “But unfortunately, they refuse to give it to us after  the training exercise”, the Victim said.

Narrating his experience to Sierraloaded, the victim said that Training commenced on Monday, November 22nd till December 30th 2015.

“As participants were taken from Lumley to the far east and Calaba town to the west., which was too difficult for us because we had no training allowance.”

Asked if they formally requested for their allowances, the Victim said: “When requested they called on the police to dispatch us without our monies.”

“Two armed truck of police and OSD were sent on us for our rights”, the Source further lamented.

Efforts to reach the authorities of Statistic Sierra Leone to comment on the issue proved futile.