A Press Release from State House as signed by the Press Secretary Office of the President, Yusuff Keketoma Sandy has exposed President Julius Maada Bio.

The Release which was meant to set the records straight following photos showing one Senesie Jannie Tarawally aka ‘London Jet’ in the Presidential delegation of Bio in Qatar ended up embarrassed the president unreservedly.

shamefacedly, the Release was implying that President Bio was not misusing state facilities, rather had given lift to people such as ‘London Jet’ who had no business in the eight man presidential delegation to both the Commonwealth Summit and that of Qatar.

“After the Emir of Qatar graciously provided a Qatari Jet to convey His Excellency and delegation to the Commonwealth Summit and later Doha, Senesie Jannie Tarawally was ONLY given a lift to London and back to Freetown via Doha,” words as sadly stated in the State House Release in defense of photos exposing wrongdoings of the Presidential delegation in Qatar.

‘London Jet’ was spotted in a lousy and uncalled for manner displaying photos on social media shortly after his unwarranted inclusion in a claimed meeting with the Emir of Qatar.

The Photos described ‘London Jet’ as seemingly making public gifts received from the Qatari government including gold wrist watches, other things undisclosed after his surreptitious inclusion in the presidential delegation; unfortunately now termed as “LIFT GIVEN HIM.”

It is a fact that the Bio Administration was elected on grounds depicting corruption, leakages and wastages and number of excesses including bloated and wasteful presidential overseas trip by the out gone APC government, which unhappily resulted in Sierra Leone losing billions just like that.

Conversely, it appears as if the Bio led SLPP Government seems regrettably copying bad governance doctrines of the APC, making both the APC and SLPP now looking like the usual ‘Alusine and Alhassan’ years of misrule.