Intrigues to actualize President Koroma’s third term dreams continues to unfold as news reaching The Times SL reveals that the Koroma third term tactical machinery has now turned to the voices of cheap civil society organizations to market the idea and need for establishment of the Koroma Monarchy in Sierra Leone.


After a tragic failure in trials by the “after you na you” campaigns, the recent misgivings by the Presidential Youth Aid –Bai Mamoud Bangura for the Koroma third term which met with strong opposition within the very All People’s Congress, the President it appears is again testing waters, using civil society organizations of apparently questionable records when it comes to Sierra Leonean politics to impose the Koroma Monarchy on the people of this country.

It is now public knowledge State House has confirmed that a survey commissioned and conducted by the Koroma Politicos stands in support of a 3rd term bid for the current President.

It reveals that ten people interviewed countrywide, seven support a 3rd term bid for President Koroma which many believe might be an act of violating the country’s constitution.

Meanwhile, the positions of many other civil society agencies stand to condemn the Presidential third-term bid, seeing it as retrogressive of the gains made in the democratic dispensations in the country.

What is sickening however in all of this is that President Koroma who is caught in middle of all this debate has refused to make public statement on the issue.

Government Spokesman, Abdulai Gbaraytay has however told journalists that the 3rd term bid for President Koroma is just a speculation by certain individuals but again shot himself on the leg saying State House contracted a firm that did a survey to ascertain the popularity of the institution of the Koroma Monarchy.