BBC’s Umaru Fofana Sunday 4th confirmed attack on State House Chief of Staff Konton Sesay and Sierra Leone’s Youth Minister Bai Mamoud, both hailstones of Kambia District, northern Sierra Leone; a perceived stronghold of the ruling APC party.

“Sierra Leone’s Minister of Youth, Bai Mamoud says he and his ruling APC party colleagues came under attack today in the northern Kambia District.

He says people apparently sneaked into the town of Rosinor, “which is our stronghold” and set up a roadblock. They pelted stones at them with a huge rock hitting the vehicle carrying the State House Chief of Staff which somersaulted, leaving him (Chief of Staff) seriously injured and in a “critical condition.”

“He would not say who could have been behind the attack. The Kambia police chief couldn’t be reached,” Umaru posted on his Sierra Leone Issue facebook page.

A photo that is now viral on the social media has pictured the state house chief of staff, Konton half naked, with wound on his hand even as he receives medical treatment from unidentified medics in Kambia.

Report says Konton was in Kambia (his home district) to lure the electorates vote his ruling APC party come March 7, but regrettably met his humiliation shortly after a myriad number of youths in the town of Rosinor came up to him, trading invectives at him and even so accused his party of failing people of Kambia woefully.

Further information revealed how the state chief of staff was evenhandedly bundled, dealt with but later flee his way in fear of his life.

That he was baby seated on floor, caned and knifed by angry Kambia youths as they unhappily put across failures of hailstones of the district appointed in rewarding public positions in the APC who did nothing, yet now turning to them for their votes.

The state house chief is but no doubt an offspring of Tonko Limba chiefdom, Kambia District.

He was the former director general of national commission for social action (NACSA), but later appointed state house chief of staff, a position he still holds as we go to the elections March 7.

Tonko Limbo is of course ruling APC’s unwavering iron grip, but one of Sierra Leone’s remotest, filthiest and underdeveloped chiefdoms.

Being a settlement occupied by the third largest ethnic group in the country, Tonko Limba has since been a strong political base for the APC.

Although the March 7 elections may see the APC gets a clean sweep in that chiefdom, other political parties the likes of opposition SLPP and NGC may as well take votes there too.