The Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi has said that President Julius Maada Bio would not be distracted by fake news following malicious lies and propaganda on his health by members of the opposition.

“We have a President who is very focused to address the challenges his Government inherited from the previous APC administration because of bad leadership. In just slightly over a year, he has restored international economic credibility to the country; Sierra Leone is now a role model in Africa for the fight against corruption; President Bio is now regarded as Champion for Human Capital Development and a pacesetter for innovation, science and technology in governance in Africa,” Keketoma said.

Commenting on the fake news of President Bio’s health, Keketoma laughed it off saying it was not the first time they had shared such diabolic lies and it will not be the last.

He said that it was the usual attention-seeking behavior by certain members in the opposition who do not have the capacity to contribute to alternative policy ideas or the national development dialogue so they resort to fake news.

He added the President was very much energized and will continue to live for many more years not only to continue transforming the country but also to see that his legacy will be preserved by successive SLPP-led Governments.

Asked why President Bio’s trip was not announced to the public, the Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman stated that, “We have released Press Statements on all official trips of President Bio abroad. This is not an official travel rather it is a private family trip. He has right to a private and family life and that must be respected.

“The fact is that even when President Bio went to ECOWAS last year and we released a statement on his travel for that official engagement, those who wanted to create mischief said President Bio was in a wheelchair. The President will return soon energized and refreshed to continue the wonderful achievements he has made so far. The President is not distracted and we are not distracted by fake news.”