Residents of WARD 384 in Sorie Town are demanding the resignation of their Councilor for allegedly neglecting his social responsibility with regards the provision of safe and hygienic drinking water for his constituents. The residents says they have reverted to drinking well water for lack of pipe borne waters in the entire community.

Water Crisis Freetown

The people appear to have been going through constant water shortage and the situation persists as the crisis has cowed the residents into an untold suffering.

The natives of Sorie Town has claimed that they are going through the most excruciating pains and trauma as a results of water crisis.
The chairlady of the Sorie Town community, Mariama Jusu alleged that getting portable water in the hillsides of the community is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

People living up the hills, she noted trekked close to a mile daily to fetch water from moribund boreholes situated at the outskirts of the community.

The problem, she said has refused to abate despite the efforts government claims it has put in the sector. But the residents excepted that the situation would have improved by now. But the opposite is the case as the water shortage remains.

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The crisis seems to be taking an alarming dimensions as long queues of people, buckets of various size and shapes are seen lined up at water wells in the Sorie Town community. Our reporter observed that queue continue to stretch form distances between half a kilometer to over a kilometer at various water wells.

The magnitude of the crisis situation the ruling party Councilor Shiaka Lamin Dumbuya said that since he was not a magician, the queue for water cannot be eliminated by a wave of the magic wand. He however hoped that the by the end of April 2016 the queues would have be completely dominated.

“One of the training I did not receive is that of a magician, but am working very hard to ensure the crisis go away. So it is quite frankly by sheer magic that we even have the amount of water in the country,” he said.

Further, Dumbuya said that the community has expanded and government was doing all possible to end the crisis by getting the involvement of development partners and other Non-governmental organizations to help the community.

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“I think if we do that, although I don’t want to put a time frame, but I will expect that over the next two months, we should see quite frankly a complete eliminaion of this (Water queues),” he added.

The statement by the Councilor drew the ire of the residents who described it as rather unfortunate and shows that Councilor Dumbuya is no longer capable of occupying the position.

They called on him to resign as the position is too demanding and complex for him.

“If he is not a magician, he should resign now. What we are saying is that we are getting tired and impatient with him and some of his words. So, if he has no quick fix to the water crisis, he should just quit. He is moving from one unpopular promises to another. Yet, we cannot see any quick fix,” they residents lamented.

The Residents said they do not accept the situation and it is the duty of the Councilor to ensure the removal of factors causing the queues at various water wells which have caused untold hardship to them as they voted him for such.

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When our reporter told Councilor Dumbuya about the demands of the residents calling on him to resign, he emphatically stated that he would not because if he does, he maybe undermining and betraying the trust of those who voted him.

He stated that his position is an elective position and was not appointed.

Our reporter observed that at every water well in the community, there was a large crowd of people waiting as early as 4am to secure water for various domestic purposes.

Some people alleged that in the process of searching for water, sometimes they lose their belongings like monies and other valuable items.