Accused Dauda Sesay who allegedly murdered his mother, Yeali Sesay at Grafton in the outskirts of Freetown told police that he stabbed his mother four times, before she finally succumbed to the cold hands of death.

In his statement to the investigating police officers, which was recapitulated by the third prosecution witness, detective police sergeant, Abdul Karim Bangura, before Justice John Bosco Allieu of the high of Sierra Leone, the accused confessed that he used a bayonet to stabbed the deceased on her neck, head and stomach, thus leaving her swimming in the pool of her own blood.

He also told police that after he had murdered his mother, he went and washed his hands, adding that he deliberately and brutally killed the deceased, before he had suspected that the deceased was conspiring with other people within the CRS community at Grafton, where the incident took place, to kill him.

According to his statement, the accused never regretted killing her mother and after he had committed the act, he informed some tenants that he had killed his mother, and later returned to his room, where the community people grabbed him, and handed him over to the police, in respect of the matter before under adjudication.

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The accused further stated in his statement that he had decided to brutally take the life of his mother, owing to the fact that he noticed the deceased was giving him food that would make him felt or appeared abnormal, stating that he went into the deceased room at the aforementioned community, forced her to the ground, before stabbing her four times.

Prior to the shocking revelation, detective Sergeant Abdul Karim Bangura who was led in evidence by the lead State Counsel, S.M.Bah, testified that he was attached to the Criminal Investigation Department at the Kissy Police Division and also recognized the accused person in the dock and he vividly recalled the incident of 11 February 2016.

He explained that on the said date, he was on duty at the Criminal Investigation Department at the Kissy Police Station, when a transfer and enquiry file of an alleged murder, one old kitchen knife and one old bayonet, and the accused person, Dauda Sesay, were handed over to him for further investigation.

Detective Sergeant Abdul Karim Bangura went on to informed the court that he took over the investigation, by obtaining voluntary caution statement from the accused, and also handed over the said bayonet, kitchen knife to the exhibit clerk for safe keeping.

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He said on 13 April 2016, he went to the Connaught Hospital Mortuary on Lightfoot Boston Street in Freetown, where the deceased was identified to him by her relatives, and later on a team of police detectives, headed by the Scene of Crime Officer, including him visited the CRS community at Grafton, where the accused person demonstrated some actions on how he succeeded in killing his biological mother.

The witness further intimated that he further obtained statement from the accused by cautioning and questioning him in Krio language, and also he made responses to him in Krio which were recorded down in English.

Concluding, the witness noted that at the conclusion of the interview statement, he read it over and explained to the accused in Krio, which the accused confirmed to be true and accurate and validated his statement by affixing his right hand thumb print, after which he charged the accused person with the offence of murder contrary to the country’s laws.