The National Union of SLPP Student (NUSS) has strongly condemned President Koroma and his Government for initiating and financing the undemocratic move by the Drivers Union, Bike Riders Union and Traders union to promote more time or third term bid without regard for the National constitution.


This was disclosed during a press conference held on 9th December 2015 at the SLPP Headquarters at Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown.

The Student Leader Dwight Z.K Sheriff (Sabugor) said the recent idea of some members of these unions for more time or term is their quests for personal gains and to seek the attention of the president.

He described the more time move as unconstitutional, undemocratic and a recipe for chaos.

He said more time for the APC government will only drag the country into more underdevelopment, more corruption, more poverty, and more injustice to Sierra Leoneans.


He also cited the tactics of ‘AFTER U NA U’ by the APC which they shot down and will also do the same to the more time

He added that these are some of the issues posed by the APC Government that were identified by The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) that led the Country into an eleven year civil war.

He said as patriotic youths of this country, they are dissatisfied with the issue of third term, citing that other countries in the world that are doing everything to adopt the 21ST century democratic tenets.

He urged that the APC Government to re – consider their intention of more time because they would do every thing in there power to ensure they crush dictatorship and tyranny from the APC government.

He said, “we are no longer interested in entertaining any unscrupulous individual/group who wants to drag our country into another unnecessary bloodshed”.

He said as a nation people should have learnt a good lesson from the war that left the country into a total bleak.

He pointed out the delay of the SLPP petition case which he said had been before the supreme court before the matter of the unlawful dismissal of the Vice President which had long be dealt with is a recipe for chaos because the matter is a simple one and that the court has not given any clear explanation as to why the case has not been decided upon.

He added that this is a violation of their constitutional Rights according to section 120 of the 1991 constitution.