Almost a week after the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) delegate conference, held in Kenema, former Chairman and Leader, Chief Sumano Kapen, said, “The Kenema convention has served a death knell on the chances of SLPP winning the 2018 elections.”

In an interview with Awoko on his reaction to the just concluded delegate conference, Kapen said, “That is my own rational belief. The outcome has wiped off in totality the chances of them winning the 2018 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections. They will come up with the worst result ever in any electoral process.”

The former Chairman and Leader disclosed that he will not be resigning from the Party. “That is far-fetched but rather I will not be taking part in the activities of the Party for now until the end of the 2018 elections. After the 2018 elections, there will be a need to resurrect the Party and that is the time I will be fully involved, if I am still alive. I want to ensure that there will be a rebirth of the Party to restore the values of the Party.”

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Chief Sumano Kapen served as Chairman and Leader of the Party for close to three years and experienced court cases, disputes, disagreements and agreements… resolutions and dissolutions. Some might say he should be called upon to provide guidance to the new executive. However, he said, “With the present scheme of things, even if I am called to provide political leadership to the Party, I will not offer them any advice. They have ruined their chances of them winning.”

He stressed, “They have reached a dead-end. When you have an owl leading the Party he does not see during the day so you lead all the followers to destruction. But some of them will survive.”

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Questioned when he will hand over to the new executive, Kapen disclosed, “For me my handing over notes will be maybe three of four sentences. I will just send a few sentences of my handing over to them. It is just a note. It can be a half page or ten pages – it depends. The leadership does not deserve anything above three sentences.”

Chief Kapen was conspicuously absent during the delegate conference on the 15-17 September. Kapen said, “I was not present because I don’t want to participate in any meeting or conference that is being stage-managed. I don’t want to be member of such a process.”

“When I went to Kenema on Thursday, and in the early hours of Friday, it became clearly evident that it was going to be a stage-managed process so I had to excuse myself and travel back to Freetown,” Kapen added. I just avoided the process because there was nothing I could do.”