As proceedings continue on the alleged riot between supporters of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), Chairman, Ordelay Union, Sankoh Sesay, submitted to the court that the SLPP “Arie Wuteteh” was not given permission to parade on the said date.

SLPP Members And Police

In his testimony, Sankoh Sesay (4th prosecuting witness) told the court that upon the submission of a non-approval reply letter by the union with regards to a request made by the said SLPP supporters to enable them to parade on 25th April, 2016, he was attacked and beaten together with the union’s secretary in the SLPP office premises.

The witness further explained that the masquerade should go through that said union for permission to process which according to him is a memorandum of understanding between the union and police.

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The accused persons alleged to be SLPP supporters are charged for unlawful procession, riotous conduct, throwing of missiles among others, on the 27th April this year contrary to the 1965 Public Order Act were presented by lawyer HM Gevoa.

Meanwhile, during the previous court proceeding, SLPP secretary general, Badara Kamara pointed out the situation which led to the clash between the party members and the masquerade.

The Secretary General said the party applied for police clearance in order that they will do a public procession that date. He stated that they only received the said clearance on the date of the procession.

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Mr Badara Kamara said it is the 1965 Public Order Act which gives the police permission to issue out clearance adding that the said Act does not cover the Ordehlay Union.

As magistrate Binneh Kamara denied the objection made by the defence for the tendering of exhibit A and B respectively, the accused were asked to continue on the same bail condition and the matter will come up on 18th August, 2016.