11 Aspirants of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) recently on Monday 21st December 2015 formed an alliance at the Harry Yassaneh Hall, SLAJ Headquarters in Freetown.


The alliance include Andrew Karmoh Keilli , John Oponjo Benjamin, Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella and 8 others.

The Alliance was introduced as ‘Alliance for all Aspirants (AAA)’.

In his opening remarks , the chairman of the ceremony Andrew Keilli said the formation of the alliance is to bring all intended contenders of the SLPP flag bearer race together by forging the way forward of the party. Andrew Keilli stated that the alliance is an inclusive alliance that will benefit both the party and country as a whole.

He encouraged all intended runners of the flag bearer race to come onboard and make sure positive goals are achieved.

He added that the alliance is not in any way trying to bye-pass the lay down structures of the party but to make sure that the party is been guided by it constitutional demands.

He said they are not just working to have their aspirant positions but also make sure that peace is enshrined in all facets of the party.

Andrew keilli also said the alliance includes 11 aspirants of the party as it is not against anyone. “We are free at last,” says the former chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples party (SLPP), John O Benjamin.

The former chairman further stated that if the supreme court of Sierra Leone would have passed verdict against the party it should have been an entire disturbance of the party both now and the future, adding that, they are very happy as a party to see the Supreme Court verdict favoured the party.

He reiterated that the Supreme Court verdict is a winning for all SLPP members and called on all members to make sure peace is restored in the party. “The time for blame game is over, this is the time for us. We need to take advantage of the moment and give back what we can to the party we love.’’ he said.

John Benjamin pointed out that the SLPP needs to come together and give the country a strong opposition and behave like a government in the waiting.

“If we are condemning the APC for violence why should we condole violence within our party?” he asked.

The former SLPP Chairman asked that if the SLPP is in opposition and they are fighting each other how they will challenge the ruling government in issues that need a greater attention.

Kandeh Kolley Yumekella said that they are convinced that the country deserves an effective opposition that will provide checks and balances in the governance system of the country and that is what SLPP intends offering to the Nation.

“As we look forward we want to start looking at the key issues that are disturbing the Nation in the next two years and find a way forward not just as Sierra Leoneans but also as aspiring leaders that wants to lead Sierra Leone , we should come together,” he said.

He said they will be looking at the recent report that was issued by the Auditor General’s office and also advised the audience present to go out for the report and read it.

The SLPP aspirant stated that they made to understand that institutions are major path to development and they will make sure that the institutions in Sierra Leone carry out the mandate they were created for, pointed out that, they will also be looking at how the country disburses it budget to know if there are values for money in the country.