The SLPP National delegates convention currently holding in Kenema may not be yielding fruitful and immediate result as incoming reports suggests the major party stake holders are not in talking terms.

Sierraloaded gathered that the event scheduled to start by 2;45pm didn’t start until around 5pm.

AYV News reports that Chief Somano Kapen was in the hall briefly, but the program didn’t start until Maada Bio entered the hall. The arrival of Maada Bio was said to have made Somano Kapen walk out of the hall.

Also JOB and Maada passed each other and didn’t shake hands. This is a clear demonstration of their deep malice for eachother. JOB walked out of the hall also.

Dr Prince Harding has taken over, speech initially set for Chief Somano to deliver is now being read by Prince Harding.

At present, both Chief Kapen and JOB are out of the hall.