Two Sierra Leone People’s Party supporters, George Tortor and Abu Pessima in Nimiyama, Kono district has lost their life today after being shot in the face along the Chiefdom’s metropolis.

It was gathered that another SLPP supporter, Lamin Bah, was shot in the waist on the same road but was rushed to Kono government hospital where he was immediately taken for treatment.

The incident was caused by a feud between supporters of the SLPP and the APC.

Sierraloaded gathered from villagers that that the incident is believed to be connected to the stabbing of two APC supporters yesterday.

The two parties, it was learnt, had been engaged in a show of force following an attack on the SLPP Presidential candidate, Maada Bio in Sewafe on Wednesday

Several Sources alleged that the SLPP thugs, in retaliation of the attack on Maada Bio had stabbed two APC members to death yesterday. The shooting of the three SLPP Members is believed to be a revenge attack by the APC.

Trouble started when some set of SLPP supporters left the house of the SLPP Candidate, Sahr Francis Gbondo chanting songs that interprets that they have won the election.

The youths were said to have taken to the streets to mock the APC during which three were shot and two died instantly.

Amadu, who informed Sierraloaded of this story said he was in a football field with his friends when he heard gunshots.

According to Amadu, the SLPP supporters was shot in front of a bungalow believed to be owned by an APC chief.

“I will not mention name, but I know that house is owned by an APC member”, Amadu told Sierraloaded.

The growing volatility in constituency 025 bye elections in Kono has left the authorities with no choice but to invoke the highly effective Millitary Aid to Civil Power otherwise known as MAC- P to maintain sanity.

“Despite the presence of high military officials, It is saddening that the APC could still escalate violence. Could it be that the military is in their support?” Amadu asked in his series of WhatsApp messages to Sierraloaded.

When contacted, the Local Unit Commander at the Motema Police Station confirmed the incident, stating that investigations is ongoing.