Members of the Main Opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party in Constituency 96 in Freetown, have disclosed plans to defect to the Alliance Democratic Party.


This, according Ibrahim Sappay an SLPP zonal executive member in the constituency said is as a result of the too much confusion in the Party, which he said is as a result of the insincerity of some party elders.

He said himself together with his supporters in the constituency are currently being intimidated by the Party’s Western Regional Chairman, Hon Manso Dumbuya who he said is resident in the constituency and has been accusing him of championing Dr. Kandeh Yumkella’s campaign in the constituency.

He said he has made several efforts to explain to Honorable Dumbuya that since he became Member of the party in 2005, he has always been a “Maada Fantic”. He said he only heared of Dr. Yumkella on the internet and main stream media and has never met with him or any of his political fore-runners.

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He said as a young politician he has tried talking to his supporters to calm down and just be patient with the situation, however he said things has got to a situation where in they can no longer bear the pains and frustrations they suffer in the constituency, hence they are going to take membership in the Alliance Democratic Party.

Musu Sandi a petty trader at the Allen Town Market in the constituency said she has gone through so much in the markets because she is SLPP. However she said that would not have been a problem, if her party big guns in the community would have appreciated her efforts, but she said they are not treated as if they are members of the party.

During the just concluded party consensus re-run, she said she felt very bad, when date for the re-run in the constituency was not communicated to them. Nevertheless she said she cancelled her businesses for the day just to be part of the exercise, but unfortunately for her the process was cancelled in that venue.

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“We are treated as fools in this constituency and these disadvantages have made us a laughing stock in our communities” She said, noting further it is clear that they are no longer relevant in the party, hence they going to join ADP.

She said they could have cross-carpeted to the ruling All People’s Congress, but they believe strongly in the philosophies of the ADP party.

Mebel Amara another displeased SLPP member in the constituency, said Honorable Manso Dumbuya was like a father to her, however he recently turn his back at her, when she refused to hid to his advice not to support the Constituency Chairperson, Gibralla Kamara.

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She claimed that the regional chairperson noted to her that the constituency chairperson is a Themne and as it stance now in the party every Themne is a KKY supporter, thereby urging her support somebody who is supporting his Mende Brother Maada Bio. “And I do not think we are to support on tribal lines, but what they can deliver to the party” she said, adding that Gibrilla has made so much sacrifices for the party in the constituency.

She further claimed to have heard Honorable Manso Dumbuya pledging to ensure Gibrilla is removed as constituency chairperson. Knowing what Honorable Dumbuya is capable of doing, she said it is clear to her that Gibralla would be removed and that is an ungratefulness she would not want to be a party of. Hence she said she has decided to denounce her SLPP membership and join the ADP.