One of the legal adviser of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Lawyer Hindolo Moiwo Gavao Esq. who also double as campaign coordinator for one of the standard bearer contenders of SLPP, Andrew Kailie has accused the supporters of Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio of planning to physically attack and assault him whenever he goes to their party office.

Maada Bio In Pujehun

He said the plans to have him assaulted by supporters of Mr. Bio is fuelled from a statement he made in 2013 during the time Andrew Kailie launched his campaign titled: “The drafting of Andrew Kailie into the flagbearer Race of SLPP”. This he said, the Global Times Newspaper had been constantly publishing.

He informed the press that it was again published in it Monday February 8, 2016 edition, claiming that his words had been misconstrued with regards the interpretation published by the author in relation to the word ‘EXCESS BAGGAGE’.

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“The author of the said article has never spoken to me for the definition of EXCESS BAGGAGE and his definition is to create hatred for me. He concorted things that I did not say. In fact, he has never spoken to me with regards that word” he stated.

Lawyer Gavao had claimed that the author had exposed his life to danger, considering the internal party crisis and attacks on the personality of certain party officials.

The SLPP Scribe made the disclosure on Monday February 8, 2016, at a press conference held at his law Firm Brookfields in Freetown.

“The article published in the GLOBAL TIMES NEWSPAPER is aiming to put my life in more danger and trouble because the object is mischievous, untrue and unfortunate,” he charged.

He stressed that, in 2013, during the launching and drafting of Andrew Kailie into the flagbearer race of SLPP, he admonished the general leadership and populace of the party that when choose a Presidential candidate in the flagbearer race they must not select or chose someone with an ‘excess Baggage’, adding that whosoever must be chosen as the party Presidential aspirant must have a very good integrity and high moral standing in society for the general good of the national.

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“I made this statement and I stand by it. I was not referring to any specific candidates when I made this statement. It was a honest admonision. I cannot agree with the author of the publication in the GLOBAL TIMES that I was specifically referring to Julius Maada Bio” he avered.

Lawyer Gavao insisted that he hold nothing against the former.

“If his (Bio) supporters are saying that I am referring to him, who am I to question that,?” he asked.

He said he is concerned about the unity of his party, thus warning that SLPP Presidential candidate for 2018 must not be a baggage carrier.

He further stated that SLPP in its quest of looking for a Presidential candidate hopeful to lead the party in the 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections should look for someone whose credibility is unquestionable with high morals and not someone with integrity deficit and morally bankrupt.

The SLPP Scribe called on the author (Sheik Bawoh) of the said piece to deviate from writing articles that will expose his life to danger adding: “I did not make that statement to bring anyone down but rather, was admonishing the party as party of my job”.

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He pointed out that he has no specific interest in any individual or group of persons vying for the flagbearer position of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), and therefore begged the author to focus in marketing his candidate; Julius Maada Bio and stop writing bad articles about him.

He insisted that no one should be encouraged to participate in the flagbearer race with an excess baggage. He threatened that he was willing and ready to institute legal action against anyone who will insult his mother face-to-face for the issue.

“It is my duty and responsibility to advise the party as and when required in other to foster unity by bringing sanity into the party. The leadership of the party must put aside tribalism, regionalism and selfishness in chosen a candidate who would be nationally accepted with no excess baggage” he warned.

Asked whether he harbored fear for the future of his party, he said there is sufficient reason for him to fear as long as the party continues to have a lopsided structure they are in danger, adding that if the wrong person is voted for during the up coming delegates elections, slated for this year as flagbearer the party will not win the 2018 election.

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He blamed the national executive for the numerous crisis facing the party. He stated that chief Somanoh Kapan’s executive has been unable to settle the affairs of the party within the last two years. He accused them of not allowing certain executive members to visit the party headquarters in Freetown. He appealed to the executive to create a level playing ground for all potential flagbearer aspirants to avoid future problem within the SLPP.

He urged the executive to go by the recommendations of the Supreme Court sincerely.