The minority party in Parliament, the Sierra Leone’s Peoples Party (SLPP) Flag bearer aspirant, Ali Kabba has said that his party is “the last bastion of hope for Sierra Leoneans.”


In an exclusive interview with Awoko prior to his declaration last Friday in Kenema, the aspiring flag bearer said “We (the SLPP) are the last bastion of hope for the millions of Sierra Leoneans in this country whose wretched existence required us to come together and win the next elections in order to protect our democracy and grow an economy that would lift our people out of poverty.”

He pointed out that “over the years successive regimes have failed the people,” also adding that the ruling “All Peoples Congress (APC) party has contributed mostly so to the problem.”

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However, he said “my focus is to take the greedy and corrupt political class from power, and as a bridge builder, a unifier, what I bring within my party is a way to rally the base and more importantly to bring the leadership around a common vision.”

Mr. Kabba explained that the SLPP has challenges today like opposition parties in many parts of Africa; “we are too focused on our internal issues instead of the broader agenda”, adding that his focus is not to create more fighting within his party but rather to indicate the way forward by focusing on the campaign of ideas and issues. I don’t discuss personality; “I get alone with everyone in my party,” he maintained.

“Since my arrival I have been able to bring fresh air into the party by making sure that those who do not talk to each other can now talk so that we can all sit and break bread, because our focus is not to fight each other.”

The SLPP flag bearer contender said people have lost faith in politics. “I understand why people have this deep scepticism about political parties.

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It is perfectly understandable that when you have a predator politics like the one we have today in our country, politicians often show up to talk to people during election time, the people justifiably used that opportunity to be able to get a little share of the national cake but I understand that beyond that people are also expressing a notion that politics and power and especially those in power don’t work for them. We need to restore faith in governance; we need a different kind of politics.”

“One thing I always say to people when I go out to campaign is that with me you will hear what I believe in and I believe in what I say.”

He continued “when you start talking to people with all honesty, suddenly there is a light bulb that triggers their minds, because for the very first time they are hearing something different than the others. When you demonstrate that capacity to transcend the issues that have kept them around at low levels of politics in-terms of collecting whatever chicken-change they could from politicians then you can bring them to a point where they can focus on the bigger picture.”

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“For me it is not what you give to people today, rather it is how you empower them to be architect of their own destiny. How you enable them to fashion a new society of opportunity and responsibility with everyone in and no one out, everyone up and no one down,” Mr. Kabba accentuated.

“So, I’m coming in as a deeply progressive nationalist who really cares about transforming politics. I want to embark on a generational transfer of power from the greedy political class since independence to a new generation of patriotic citizens who care about the future of this country, who are willing to put everything on the line, those who sees power as not an end in itself but as a means to make life better for the 99% of our people,” he emphasized.