Former Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Chairman and Leader, John Oponjo Benjamin, Alpha Timbo and Andrew Kaili have declared that they would not share a political platform with retired brigadier Julius Maada Bio on issue of peace talk within the party because he (Bio) is “lawless and doesn’t respect authority.”


Speaking to Radio Democracy FM98.1, Good Morning Salone, JOB claimed that Bio had hoodlums within the party who had been perpetrating violence and must ordered the removal of all his “thugs” permanently homicide at the party office on Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown.

Mr. Benjamin called on Bio to condemned violence within the party and called on his supporters to respect other party members who are not supporting Bio.

He said the slated February 2017 delegates convention in Kenema was planned by jokers and called on the national executive to abandon the plan.

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Another flagbearer aspirant, Andrew Kaili, also said he would not share a platform with Julius Maada Bio because he had consistently refused to attend several peace meetings called by party stakeholders.

Mr. Bio had denied the claim and described it as a “patent, shameless and false.”

Engineer Kaili alleged that Bio had earlier said he would not enter peace with any of the flagbearer alliance members except after the national convention.

He claimed that the call for peace, made by Bio was not genuine, stating that he (Bio) has a sinister plan. He noted that Bio had been unnecessary dragging their names into the nude.

He said Bio should offer a written explanation why he wanted to make peace with the alliance members.

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For his part, Lawyer Alpha Timbo, another flagbearer aspirant stated that he wouldn’t entertain any peace with Bio at the moment except he also tour around the country in all the areas visited by retired Bio.

He said Bio had be deviant to make peace thinking that he is the most powerful and popular candidate and presumptive of being the people’s choice.

He stressed that Bio has woefully failed to utilise all the peace process exhausted by SLPP stalwarts to solve the power tussle within the party.