The Alliance for All Aspirants (AAA) of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party has said that the alliance stands for constitutionality, This is how one of the intending presidential aspirants of the SLPP Andrew Keili broke the news to his audience in Bo city.

Andrew Keilli

“The alliance stands for constitutionality, the alliance is not against anybody. Anyone who wants to join the alliance today needs to go by the rules which is the constitution.”

According to AAA their tour was to popularize the alliance to their supporters and well-meaning Sierra Leoneans and for them to denounce violence for the good in the SLPP.

Mr. Keili went on to say that nobody is left out in the alliance and if anybody says he or she wants to join the alliance today, he or she is welcome.

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“…but the alliance stands for certain things such as constitutionality, intolerance with one another and no violence. Let us stand for each other. The door is open to everyone, we are not against anyone.”

He called on their supporters to look into the interest of the party and to stop dishing out monies which at times can cause more harm than good.

He pointed out that there is a level of trust within the party and called on them to work together for the interest of the party.

He congratulated the people of Bo for welcoming them to the city. Bo he said is actually the headquarters of SLPP as the party knows the sacrifice the people of Bo have made for the party.

He promised his audience that AAA will be moving to different places in the country as they now have more people in the alliance than what they think.

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“We are here today for you to accept us, we are men of substance. We are introducing ourselves. We are not here today only for politics but we stand by our rights and by our own dignity.”

Andrew Keili did not waste any time to tell supporters that the system they set up during SLPP governance is falling apart under the All People Congress government as everybody is busy talking about more time or extra time even though there are glaring problems such as youth unemployment, questionable educational system, poverty and the like.

“SLPP for the past two years has been talking about expunction and suspension. The people should have confidence in the opposition in such a waythat if the government in power is not performing to the satisfaction of the people then the people can look at the opposition as an option,” he said.

He stressed that it is strange that the issue of flagbearer should be causing a great problem in SLPP.

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He continued to say that a party is not only bound by flagbearers it goes beyond that, ranging from ward, constituency, chiefdom and district among others.

“The flagbearer is nothing. As a former flagbearer, I fought with others for the position but at the end we supported the winner. We did not fallout we backed the winner because we believed in the party.”

He went further to say that he is happy about what is happening now in the party. He assured them that if any flagbearer wins constitutionally they will support him or her. “If we had hurt anyone, we sorry but SLPP is bigger than all of us,” he concluded.