Nationwide Zonal/ Section executive elections slated for yesterday were put on hold because, the National Chairman/Leader of the SLPP, Chief Somanoh Kapen needed to clear “certain grey areas” with the PPRC (Political Parties Registration Commission).


In a letter dated 15th January, 2016 the Acting Registrar of PPRC, Mrs. Zainab Umu Morsery reminded the SLPP National Chairman, Chief Sumanoh Kapen that, Section 24 of the PPRC Act “Obliges that any alternation to any rules and regulations of a political party (whether they are new rules or an amendment of existing rules) must be published by Government Notice (i.e. to allow for objections) before they can become effectual”.

It will be recalled that the second highest body of the SLPP recently introduced new rules and regulations governing lower level elections, without the approval of the PPRC.

This latest move is seen by many as a major setback for the main opposition SLPP.

New dates for the conduct of nationwide lower level elections will be announced after the approval of PPRC, a spokesman for Chief Kapen told the Global Times late last night.