The second highest decision making body of the opposition SLPP, NEC yesterday agreed that the election of the flagbearer as well as those of the National Officers of the party be conducted in April in Kenema.

SLPP Party Meeting

The National Executive Council (NEC)in its meeting at the party’s headquarters in Freetown yesterday also agreed on the Rules and Regulations for the conduct of flagbearer elections.

Also, the August body ratified the Peace agreement brokered by Green Peace Movement which in its February 8, 2017 peace conference at the party headquarters in Freetown agreed among other things the lifting of all suspensions and expulsions since 2013, the withdrawal of all court cases and the re-examination of the disputed 39 constituencies.

SLPP sources told Global Times that the meeting also agreed on a timetable for the conduct of crucial party elections leading to the National Delegates Conference which as reported will take place in April in the Eastern City of Kenema.