The Acting Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Alie Badara Kamara has told this medium in an interview last week that the party is set to win the upcoming bye election to be conducted in Kailahun.


He made this statement at the party’s office in Freetown, while he was responding to the questions of the party’s determination to win the said elections in Kailahun and Port Loko Districts respectively.

In his response, the Secretary General of the party said what usually causes the party to lose election in its stronghold is internal problems, “I want to assure you that in Kailahun, we are going to win; in Port Loko we will make in-roads there.”

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He said he was optimistic that the party will win one of those elections “if not all.”

He explained that the reason why they lost the last bye-elections in Kenema and Freetown was because they did not go by the party’s rule.

Explaining the party’s rule in appointing candidates for constituency and ward elections, the secretary general said that it is the constituency executive who makes choice of the candidate to represent them through consensus. He pointed out that “the constituency executive supervised by the district chairman, in a situation where we have more than two candidates and the consensus failed, they conduct an election. It is the winner or consensus candidate that will be sent to us here”.

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He said it is this procedure that they have adopted in appointing candidates for the said election.

Regarding there conviction that the party will win the 2018 general election, he answered that there are problems…but they are certain that the party will win the election. He stated that all they are waiting for is to go through the various elections within the party and then come up with the party’s flag bearer, and then they will come together as a party to support that individual.