Former chairman and leader of the main opposition, Sierra Leones Peoples Party (SLPP), John Oponjo Benjamin has confirmed that the party’s current chairman and leader, Chief Somano Kapen “has stopped coming to work” at the party’s national headquarters, Lightfoot Boston Street, Freetown “for two months now.”


Mr. Benjamin made confirmed this on Monday 15th August 2016, whilst on a phone call interview with Awareness Times Newspaper to discuss the reasons why the party has still not made an official statement on the death of one of Sierra Leone’s most outstanding businessmen and philanthropists, Ambassador Moseray Fadika.

During his reaction, Mr. Benjamin said: “The SLPP is in a state of limbo, as its chairman and leader is now afraid to come to work, because of the frequent confrontations amongst his members.”

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He added that, that is the reason why most of the party’s supporters have now decided to show their condolences to the bereaved Fadika Family through various groupings.

He pointed that the SLPP is in a leadership crisis as the chairman is now afraid of going for work, in fear of him being besieged by supporters who are allegedly strongly opposed to his leadership. He stressed that the party cannot make an official statement in a case wherein the chairman and leader has abandoned his office, on the grounds of his life being threatened.

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Mr. Benjamin said the SLPP is now in a position in which no one can control it. He said lawlessness has been the order of the day as its members now do not have respect for its leadership structures.

Similarly, Ambassador Umaru Bond Wurie, who also spoke to Awareness Times Newspaper during a phone call interview, said three weeks ago, he went to the Party Office and asked for Chief Somao Kapen, but he was told that “he did not go for work.”

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However, Ambassador Wurie could not confirm the period and reason for which Chief Somano Kapen has stopped from going to work.

All efforts to get on to Chief Somano Kapen through his phone to get his own side of the matter have so far proven fruitless as he is not picking his calls. However, Awareness Times Newspaper is sure to bring his side as soon as we are able to get on to him in our subsequent publications.