The General Manager at the Sierra Leone Ports Authority, Abu Bangura, has uncovered cynical activities of unpatriotic business people that are deeply involved in illegal exportation of newly harvested timber logs.

Illegal Timber Truck 2

Abu Bangura on Wednesday explained to journalists how he resisted the shipments of two 20 feet containers allegedly suspected of containing freshly harvested logs on grounds of patriotism .

The logs which were proven to be new cuts was loaded on top of a heavy duty trailer vehicle awaiting exportation at the Queen Elizabeth 11 Quay.

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It will interest readers to know that since a ban was placed on the exports of timbers, government decided to issued out an authorization for just three companies with strict conditions.

Banico Holdings, CFS Construction and General Supplies and CCFG Consultancy are among the only three companies authorised by government to export timbers with strict conditions. Though a memo was issued followed with an undertakings, it seems as the three companies turned a blind eye to the said agreement as they were deeply involved in some cynical activities allegedly in the shipment of freshly harvested logs.

Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture in the persons of Williem Bangura and Abubakarr Sidique Daramy alongside Azziz Turay from the Office of Chief of Staff at State House yesterday joined the team of investigators to uncover the said act at quay. What is yet to be made clear is the real owner of the said cargo which was proven to be freshly harvested logs.

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Though allegation seems to be pointed at Banico Holdings , government has put up a team of investigators to dig deep into this issue and bring to book those behind this evil plans.

The Management of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority has been commended by both officials from the ministry of agriculture alongside State House for a job well done in alerting authorities concern.