Nationals from Sierra Leone will no longer require a visa to enter Singapore, following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration that the Ebola outbreak in the African nation is over, Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Friday (Nov 27).


The visa requirement, which will be lifted from Saturday, was imposed in November last year on nationals from Ebola-affected countries – Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea – to allow for better oversight and to facilitate possible contact tracing.

The requirement was lifted for nationals from Liberia on May 30. However, with recent reports of Ebola cases in Liberia, MOH said it is monitoring the situation and will consider re-imposing visa requirements if necessary.

Guinea nationals still require a visa to enter Singapore as it continues to report new cases of the virus.

“While the situation remains fluid, MOH’s assessment continues to be that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa poses a low public health risk to Singapore. This is because person-to-person transmission results from direct contact with bodily fluids of those infected, and the current outbreak is limited to West Africa, and travel connectivity between Singapore and West Africa is low,” the ministry said.