Raymond Kamara, who works for the Anti Corruption Commission, was appointed as Financial Secretary for the All Peoples Congress Party Last week In freetown.

This comes after another Public Officer, Raymond Gbeki, who was head of SLIEPA , was also appointed to a position in the ruling All Peoples Congress party District Executive.

What we are witnessing in this Country is a complete deterioration of morals and a dent on the credibility of state institutions entrusted with the responsibility to uphold INTERGRITY and restor Public trust.

If an Institution like the ACC, which is supposed to be apolitical, allows staff members to hold executive positions in Political Parties. How then can the issue of Impartiality, Indepenece and INTEGRITY be upheld.

What makes it even terrible is that the Head Of ACC , Ade Macauley, seems to very comfortable with it probably because he is also a staunch member of the APC. Am sure the ACC has a conduct code for workers otherwise I doubt them defeating or minimizing corruption.

And let me just ask this question, what if another party apoints a staff member as one of their Executives, will Ade Macauley be confortable with that too?

Ade Macauley is a young Man and must be very mindful about the things he does now. Life has a way of undressing people for their deeds, Strasser was even Younger than Ade when national trust was in his hands, today we all know the story.

We all have rights to support but national interest should always preceed our personal interests, like Shakespeare said, “this world is but a stage” we all come and go but institutions will stay and it is best that we make them stand their worth.
Mohamed Yelibana Sankoh