The emergence of social media especially in Sierra Leone is presently affecting the smooth operations of government institutions as ministers and ambassadors during official hours are busy uploading discounted photos of every event attended all in the name of cheap popularity, thus leaving their official duties unattended.


These irresponsible behaviors exhibited by some government officials with the sole aim of either projecting their self-centered political ambition or defending trivial government issues by uploading unimportant photos has left much to be desired in the minds of many Sierra Leoneans about the crop of government ministers and ambassadors in the Ernest Bai Koroma APC government.

This brings to mind the issue in the gulf of Kuwait where hundreds of Sierra Leoneans mostly girls who left the shores of Freetown for Kuwait to seek greener pastures are now being transformed to sex slaves and the Ambassador of Kuwait has not made any reasonable effort to salvage their plights but rather using the social media to debunk the story while the victims continue to suffer in silence.

Despite the vicious and callous behavior demonstrated by the Ambassador ,yet still the Government of Sierra Leone has kept a sealed lip on this issue even when such concerns had been raised by the victims themselves several times .

One of the victims in Kuwait who preferred not to be named told The Times that the Sierra Leone Government seems not to care for them even though they had reported the issue to the Embassy.

‘”There are countless of girls suffering in prison while others are been subjected to many inhumane treatment and used as sex slaves’’ the source from Kuwait told The Times.

“Some of us came here with the belief that we will make money to support our education and as well help our family but the negative treatment we are faced with in a foreign land speaks volume of the ineffectiveness of our government.

“A lady who works at the Sierra Leone Embassy approached us and had a meeting with us. She promise to get back to us but up till now we have not heard from her neither anyone from the embassy.” She said

“The country’s foreign policy is nothing good to write home about as nobody seems to care about the plight of Sierra Leoneans in Kuwait ,said senior citizen and political letucrer at Fourahbay College.

She therefore called on the government to come to the aid of those under bondage and try to engage the Kuwait Government before their situation get out of hands.

We do all kinds of odd jobs here and most of the time we spend the whole day working just for pittance said another victim in Kuwait .