A crowd of youth in Tonkolili District, north of Sierra Leone on Friday morning demonstrated in front of the public hospital where the country’s first fatal Ebola case of the new year was discovered.


The incident comes just over two months after Sierra Leone was declared free of the epidemic following 42 days without a new infection.

The World Health Organization on Wednesday declared an end to the West African epidemic of the hemorrhagic fever which killed over 11, 000 people in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone since March 2014.

Witnesses in Tonkolili District, 91 miles from Freetown said young people took to the streets of its largest city Magburaka demanding explanation from the hospital which treated 22-year old Mariama Jalloh but did not disclose that she was suffering from the disease.

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They said the family of the late Ms. Jalloh washed her remains ahead of her burial without knowing the health implications of touching her body.

The victim reportedly fell ill after returning from Kambia district, also in the north, which is a region close to the border with Guinea, where the epidemic that erupted in 2014 began.

Guinea was declared free of the virus in December.

Neighboring Liberia, which was also hard hit by the epidemic, was declared free earlier this week.