Traditional chiefs in Sierra Leone are demanding autonomy in their operations and they have asked for an exit from parliament.

Traditional Rulers In Sierra Leone

According to current constitutional provision, 12 out of 124 seats in Sierra Leone`s parliament is reserved for Paramount Chiefs to represent 12 of the 14 districts countrywide.

The chiefs say this number is small to make any meaningful contribution in the House.

As part of their submission in the ongoing constitutional review process, the traditional leaders have also asked for a special assembly of Paramount Chiefs.

“We don’t want to be in parliament again…We want independence without political interference,” Charles Caulker, chairman of the Council of Paramount Chiefs, said on Monday.

Caulker said they want to exercise their discretion on national issues but that this is impossible in the current political dispensation.

He also said they want to be able to freely monitor developments without political interference.