Sierra Leone’s Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority (SLNSRA) announced Thursday that it’s put in motion an investigation on the possibility of exposure to radiation emission from telephone transmitters.

Street Of Freetown

The SLNSRA said in a statement it noted with concern that people and environment were exposed to radiation which has significant health implication.

The statement said it constituted a combined team of inspectors from the authority and the Environmental Protection Agency to monitor the levels of radiation from masts.

The exercise commences Monday 7 March.

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“The Authority therefore wishes to appeal to the general public for their fullest cooperation which would include allowing unfettered access of the inspectors to wherever the transmitters maybe located,” it said.

The issue of transmitters recently took a center stage after the Environmental Protection Agency brought it up.

The transmitters, otherwise called masts, are erected in highly populated sections of Freetown and residents say telcos never inform them about the dangers associated with it.